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Real Fishing Battle

About Real Fishing Battle
This is real fishing! It's the experience of fishing! The pleasure of it! And thrilling matches! Enjoy it all in one place!

If you're looking for a dynamic, energetic fishing game, Real Fishing Battle is the game for you! The experience of fishing! Enjoy this one-touch game's spectacular action! Not to mention the gratifying thrill of victory in multiplayer matches!!
Take joy in evolving into the greatest angler and fishing player!

1. Experience Fishing Action with One-Touch Play
This is a simple, one-touch fishing game, easily playable by anyone. Become fully immersed in this game with its impressive production and action sequences. And, surpass the thrilling experience of fishing.

2. An Enjoyable Fishing Journey to World-Famous Marine Destinations
Embark on the fishing trip of your dreams against the backdrop of famous marine destinations around the world. With the fragrance of the vast and wonderful sea, enjoy the blissful excitement and relaxing vibes of fishing.

3. Daily Fishing Missions and Various Achievement Event Rewards
It's not just catch fish, sell fish, receive rewards. There are also various missions and regular events that add to the fun and provide rewards.

4. Fish So Lifelike They Seem to be Breathing
Without any fish, there is no fishing! From small fish that splash around energetically, to hefty, giant fish that are thrilling to catch, experience various types of fish from around the world.

5. Exhilarating Multiplayer Fishing Matches
Challenge yourself to a multiplayer fishing competition with Real Fishing Battle in real-time, where anglers from all over the world gather. Experience the pride and satisfaction of becoming the world's best angler.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.8
  • * Selling price of caught fish was increased.
    * A discount rate (20%) is applied to a bundle of 50 when purchasing lures and fishing lines
    * PvP battle fee removed - Receive twice the battle fee as a reward upon victory
    * When winning PvP, the reward box is changed to be given according to the probability among 3 types of bronze, silver, and gold boxes
    * Season reward boxes were updated
    * Event packages of shop were updated
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