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Maposcope Driver Route Planner

About Maposcope Driver Route Planner
Maposcope Driver is a route planner that allows a dispatcher to plan routes on a PC or Mac and send them to providers' devices.

In short:
- plan for multi drop deliveries
- create daily routes for each vehicle, keeping in touch with driver throughout the day and dealing with delivery problems
- cost effective routing of vehicles, maximize fuel/mileage efficiency and minimize overtime working

Web-based dispatcher
Dispatcher can plan a route, optimize it, send to drivers and track progress of drivers on the route.
Route planning can be done by searching for individual addresses, moving markers on the map, or importing a large number of addresses from an Excel file.
Each package can be marked with a barcode, which can also be scanned after delivery by the dispatcher (driver).
As orders are processed, the dispatcher is kept up to date with your progress. You can see your entire route, all orders and delivery notes on one screen.

Delivery - Proof of delivery
Delivery data as proof of delivery
- signature of the recipient
- photo of the delivery
- barcode reading
appear on the dispatcher's screen in real time.

Route optimization
After planning the route, the system optimizes the delivery route, which allows you to save up to one hour per day of delivery, save fuel and quickly distribute supplies to customers.

Delivery Driver
New route created by the dispatcher automatically appears on the driver's phone, who can follow the route using his favorite navigation.
The delivery driver can also create delivery routes himself and they will appear on the dispatcher's screen.

Maposcope Driver will optimize your bookings to create the most efficient route, saving your time and money and making your customers happy with fast and on-time delivery.

Maposcope Driver features useful for any supplier:
✓ optimization of stops along the route
✓ easy adding, editing or deleting of stops
✓ automatic adding of multiple addresses from Excel files, without having to enter them manually
✓ voice search for addresses
✓ camera search (scanning address from packet)
✓ possibility of defining time windows during which the client is available
✓ generated PDF report with details of the completed route
✓ real-time traffic updates
✓ proof of delivery - signature, photo, barcode scanning, notes
✓ up to 20 addresses free of charge
✓ add notes, barcode list for supplier

If you encounter any problems with the application, please email
Recent Updates - Version
  • - route planning and optization for delivery drivers
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