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Mirinae - Learn Korean with AI

About Mirinae - Learn Korean with AI
Are you learning Korean? Mirinae helps you understand all the parts-of-speech and grammar patterns in any Korean text that you give it.

◉ Let Mirinae be your AI Korean Teacher!
You enter a Korean sentence and Mirinae will translate the sentence, show you all the individual parts of speech, find and explain any grammar patterns present, explain the particles and honorifics and verb conjugations, identify & explain any idioms or neologisms used, and draw out a parse-tree showing all the individual phrases & clauses in the sentence.

Click on anything in the explanation for more details, alternate word definitions, example uses, related patterns, cross-references to learning sites and major textbooks, and much more..

All this allows the learner to explore Korean wherever they encounter it, perhaps an example sentence in a dictionary, some song lyrics or drama dialog, etc., discover its meaning, syntax, grammar patterns and any idioms used, and then to explore and continue learning, finding other examples of the patterns and words used.

◉ Learn while watching Kdrama or browsing the web
There is also a Chrome Extension version that lets you explore and learn from Korean text you encounter on any website, including Kdrama subtitles on streaming sites like, Netflix and Youtube.

When enabled, the Mirinae extension will detect Korean on any web-page, so you can explore and get a deep understanding of any Korean directly within the page so that it can be very easily used to augment existing Korean teaching, reference and translation sites and video streaming sites. Visit the Chrome Store and search for “Mirinae”.

◉ Built-in Dictionary, Searchable Grammar & Idiom Reference and Grammar-term Glossary
Mirinae has a built-in dictionary & searchable grammar reference and can also be used as a deep, interactive Korean reference that is driven by examples of the things you want to search for. The library has a large and growing number of idiom patterns and neologisms (newly-coined words), essential for understanding modern spoken Korean, Kpop lyrics and Kdrama dialog.

◉ High tech!!
Mirinae uses advanced machine learning, natural language processing and a non-deterministic phrase-structure parser, coupled with a proprietary regular-expression grammar-pattern, idiom and neologism library to build a lexical and grammatical analysis of the text, showing a breakdown of the text into its component words and particles and suffixes and other parts-of-speech along with a display of its structure in terms of phrases and predicates and clauses.

It also uses an advanced, bi-language embedding-vector meaning disambiguator to provide likely meanings for individual words in the sentence, which is not easily determined from a full sentence-translation, as you might get from a standard translation site.

•How to use Mirinae?

• What is Android version compatibility?
Mirinae works with Android version 5.1 or greater and may be affected by other settings on your device. If you experience issues with the App, please ensure that you are running Android version 5.1 or higher. If you are unable to update your Android version, installing the update to the Android System WebView available on Play Store may allow Mirinae to function correctly.

• If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us:
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Recent Updates - Version 2.0.1
  • Now Mirinae supports additional languages including French, Mongolian, Chinese and Thai and fixed bugs.
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