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Teuida: Learn & Speak Korean

About Teuida: Learn & Speak Korean

Learn Korean 🇰🇷 by speaking from the start!

👀  "But can’t I learn Korean by just watching Kpop!?"
Just like if you were learning how to swim, you’d go into a pool instead of watching videos of Michael Phelps swimming, you can't learn Korean by listening to BTS or watching Crash Landing on You! Don't get us wrong, we too love listening to Kpop and watching Kdrama. But if your goal is to ACTUALLY SPEAK Korean, you have to, well – SPEAK! Teuida's first-person virtual conversations will get you speaking everyday expressions in real-life scenarios.

⏳ 3 min > 30 min
We believe that 3 minutes of actual speaking will help you to learn Korean more than 30 minutes watching someone else speak. 
Why waste your precious time learning about Korean when you can learn it by speaking it yourself? Our interactive lessons not only get you to speak with the tutors but gives instant feedback on your pronunciation.

Research shows that one of the greatest barriers to speaking a language is the lack of confidence. After all, what's the point of knowing all the grammar rules and verb conjugations if you don’t feel confident to speak when the moment comes? Teuida helps you overcome fear of speaking by simulating real-life scenarios but without all the social anxiety. (i.e. Our characters won't throw shade at you for mispronouncing!)

What about those other apps? 🦜🦌 🍳💧
Most Korean language apps out there are vocabulary-building games and will teach you a lot of new words and basic hangul. But if your goal is to actually speak the language, then well let's face it... no amount of matching words with cute pictures will improve your speaking. There are many benefits to speaking full phrases instead of memorizing individual words. For one, it allows you to learn Korean words in context. Babies, arguably the best language learners in the world, speak sentences before they know the alphabet.

What makes TEUIDA different?
🔥 Fun Real-life Scenarios
We believe that learning and fun are not mutually exclusive. In fact, learning is most effective when it's fun! Everything from ordering a coffee at Twosome Cafe to riding the Seoul subway to talking to your KPOP bias. (Okay, that last scenario isn't really an everyday situation. But hey, you never know!)

🎓Essential expressions Taught by Bilingual Tutors
No more weird, awkward phrases (translated by bots) that no Koreans actually use in real life. (Let's be honest, when was the last time you had to say "I am a boy, you are a woman" in real-life?) Our crazy selection of fully bilingual tutors not only speak Korean but understand exactly what you need to know to learn Korean effectively.

🗣AI Pronunciation Analysis
What's the point of repeating sentences aloud if you can't tell whether you're pronouncing it right? Teuida has a convenient voice recognition system that will give instant feedback on your pronunciation. You’ll be speaking with confidence in front of Koreans knowing that your pronunciation has been approved by our algorithm.

So... what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start speaking with Teuida!

Please note you will need a TEUIDA Premium plan in order to access all content and exclusive features.


Recent Updates - Version 1.11.3
  • Important Update!
    In order for Teuida to continue providing affordable Korean education for the world in a sustainable way, we made a difficult decision to lock our lessons.
    Don’t worry, all your progress has been saved which means the lessons you have already completed remain unlocked.
    Also, you will still be able to unlock one lesson per day for free using the Lesson Key.
    Please join us in our mission to create a more understanding world by signing up to Teuida Premium.

    Nelson and Team Teuida
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