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Automobile Engineering Book

About Automobile Engineering Book
Getting started on this application, we set a goal to present a rather difficult theoretical course on the automobile engineering in the most accessible form. Basic knowledge of vehicles' structure will supply a novice driver with confidence in the fact that he will be able to control the situation of any breakdown, predict the amount of necessary work at the service station and just can competently exploit its vehicle.
The free form of presentation, deprived of a dry technical syllable, and a large amount of illustrative material will facilitate the learning process and will make it rapid and efficient.
The tutorial may be useful for students of driving schools, novice drivers and a wide range of readers who want to get basic knowledge about the car.


- Basic information about mechanism of modern cars
- List of the most common malfunctions and ways to eliminate them
- Operation and maintenance rules of the car
- Description of the car systems in simple language
- Plenty useful information that allows you to feel confident in any situation


- Students of driving schools and novice drivers
- Parents who want to be confident in the high level of preparation of their children
- All drivers who want to know more about their iron horse
- Service managers (for better mutual understanding with customer)


- Introduction
- Car History
- Body Types of Passenger Cars
- Wheel Arrangement
- Classification of Cars
- Basic Elements of Passenger Car
- Layouts of Major Vehicle Component Parts
- Basic Technical Specifications of the Car
- About Engines in General
- Basic Single-Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine
- Classifications of Engines
- Basic Technical Specifications of Engine
- Gas Distribution Mechanism (GDM)
- Cylinder Head
- Engine Block and Crank Gear
- Engine Cooling System
- Engine Lubrication System
- Air Intake and Exhaust Systems
- Feed System (Fuel System). Main Differences Between Gasoline and Diesel Engines
- Feed System of Modern Engines
- Purpose of Transmission
- Manual Transmission
- Automatic Transmission
- Drive Gear and Differential. Purpose, Arrangement and Types
- Drive Shafts and Hinged Joints. Purpose, Arrangement and Types
- All-wheel drive cars
- Purpose, Arrangement and Types of Car Suspensions
- Wheels and Tires. Arrangement, Purpose and Marking
- Wheel Alignment Angles
- Brake Control. Purpose
- Components
- Flow Chart. Brake Circuits
- Purpose and Operation of the Anti-Lock Braking System
- Purpose and Arrangement of Steering
- Purpose and Types of Power Steering
- Purpose and General Arrangement of the Car Body
- Vehicle Aerodynamics
- Airbags
- Seat Belts and Active Head Restraints
- Means of Pedestrian Protection
- Child Restraining Devices
- Electrical Equipment and Electric Systems. General Information
- Battery Pack (Battery). Purpose, Arrangement and Types
- Battery Pack Maintenance. Safety Precautions when Servicing the Battery Pack
- Ignition System (Gasoline Engines only)
- Preheating System
- Charging System. Generator, its Arrangement and Operation
- Startup System. Starter, its Arrangement and Operation
- Exterior Lighting System. Purpose and Operating Principle
- Wipers and Washers. Purpose and Operating Principle
- Pointers and Indicators
- Heating and Air Conditioning System. Purpose, Arrangement and Operating Principle
- Precautions when the Car Owner Carries out Maintenance
- Operations that Shall Be Performed in order to Maintain the Normal Working Order of the Vehicle
- Basic Car Maintenance Operations
- Car Maintenance Schedule
- Driver’s Memo
- Abbreviations
- Glossary

The most qualitative textbook about automobile engineering 2021! Be careful behind the wheel!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.9
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