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Reina Sofia Museum - Madrid

About Reina Sofia Museum - Madrid
The Reina Sofía Museum Audio Guide explains in a clear, relaxed and accurate way one of the best contemporary art collections in the world. It comfortably guides you, at your own pace, using interactive maps and pictures. It tells you everything you need to know through a 90-minute professional recording, making your visit more entertaining and memorable.

How did cinema influence modern art? Why did Picasso paint the Guernica? What does cubism mean? What are the keys to surrealism? We will give you the answers to these and many other questions.

We will reveal to you the secrets of great masters and works of contemporary art, such as Picasso, Dalí, Miró and Guernica. We will explain to you the main artistic and historical elements and tell you anecdotes and curiosities about a representative selection of works and authors present in the Madrid museum.

The app allows you to:

•Listen to entertaining, quality narrations developed by professionals.
•Quickly and easily find the work you want to listen to through its location on the map, a detailed picture gallery, or a search by author or title.
•Choose between the suggested itineraries or simply guide yourself following your own tastes and time schedule.
•Orientate yourself at any time thanks to the interactive maps.
•Access all the useful information about the museum: opening hours, accessibility, website, etc.
•Read the explanations in text format.
•Forget about queues at the withdrawal and deposits desks. Enjoy this and future visits with the convenience of having everything on your mobile phone.
•Get an excellent view of the evolution of twentieth-century art based on significant masterpieces.

We guide you and show you the following artworks:

-Goya and The Disasters of War
-The Garrotte, by Ramón Casas
-The cinematograph and its impact on art
-Sick Child and Laughing girl, by Medardo Rosso
-Early 20th-century portrayals of women
-Black Spain
-White Spain
-“Mediterraneanism” and “Noucentisme”
-Triggering Cubism (African Art, Buster Keaton Films)
-An Introduction to Cubism
-Picasso and Cubism
-Cards and Dice, by Georges Braque
-Juan Gris. Guitar by the Sea
-“Siurana, the track” by Joan Miró
-La nueva figuración
-The Triadic Ballet, Oskar Schlemmer
-Joan Miró and Anti-painting
-Julio González, “Seated Woman” and “Daphne”
-Pablo Gargallo, The Great Prophet
-The Spanish Pavilion at the Paris Universal Exhibition, in 1937
-Mercury Fountain, by Alexander Calder
-Photography, Posters and Comics
-Dada and Picabia
-The Magnetic Fields, André Breton and Joan Miró
-Early Surrealism
-Dalí and Surrealism
-Telluric. Benjamín Palencia and Nicolás de Lekuona
-The Paris School
-Un Chien Andalou”, Luis Buñuel
-Sculptures in the courtyard of the Sabatini Building
-Antoni Tàpies , Superimposed Grey Matter
-Jorge Oteiza, Empty Space Suspended
-Pablo Picasso. The Painter and the Model
-Roberto Matta
-José Luis Alexanco and Luis de Pablo. Solitude Interrupted
-Luis Gordillo, Portrait of a Cubist Gentleman in Tears
-I Saw it in Bologna, by Juan Muñoz
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