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GPS Tracker & Mileage Log

About GPS Tracker & Mileage Log
MyCarTracks is a time-proven service that helps companies and individuals track their vehicle locations without any additional costs related to installation and maintenance. No old-fashioned GPS hardware needed, this app is a replacement and everything you need.

It consists of a mobile app tracker for drivers and a secured web application located at

Freelancers, Uber or Lyft Drivers, Real Estate Agents, Sales Representatives, Photographers, Handymen, and many other taxpayers. Claim your business miles and get significant earns in tax deductions. Earn $560 on each 1000 business miles you drive!

Automatic mileage tracker with unique battery-friendly drive detection. Run once and put it in your pocket, it automatically records all trips throughout the day. No more manual mileage logs.
Share Location - safe, fast, and simple way to share your location in real-time with friends, family, or business
• All recorded data securely stored in the cloud
• Download printable Log book or IRS-compliant report in PDF or Excel from web application.
• Recorded tracks history and many other web app features including job dispatch
• HUD speedometer for higher safety
• Free plan available with up to two vehicles, paid plans starting at only $1.43 per month per vehicle!

Whether 10 or 1000+, MyCarTracks is ideal for location tracking, logging mileage, and managing vehicle fleets of any size. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, or Heavy Construction Vehicles - track business of any type. Get powerful geo reports to see into your business and optimize it. Download reports and mileage logs directly into your payroll system to reimburse mileage for your employees. Easily accessible from our web console anywhere and on any device - PC, tablet, phone.

• Same features as for individuals including our Automatic tracker

Real-time locations on a map and unlimited recorded data history

Easy fleet setup - bulk import and web wizard will help you to set up large fleets and settings

Job dispatch - assign jobs, manage drivers, and view the progress, everything automatic.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling - service schedules and reminders

Drive Score - minimize the risk of accidents and promote better driving

Map and tracks sharing - proof of the work you did

Geofences, Customers and POIs

Geofence Analytics - get insights from your field, know how much it takes your drivers to get to the customer and how much time they spend there. Identify drivers or customers that are the most expensive or find the best performers. Optimize your business to get the most of it.

Zapier, Integromat, CSV, and API access to all your recorded data and reports - connect your payroll system (e.g. SAP, ADP,…) and automate processes with reimbursement or payroll. Connect with your CRM or sales software and calculate ROI or KPI.

Share live location - let your colleagues or business partners know where you are

• All features here:

• Free plan with up to two vehicles, upgrade to any fleet size as your fleet grows with friendly pricing.

Track snow plows, leaf cleaners, street sweepers, or other movable assets, show locations on your website, and make their work transparent. MyCarTracks is used by the Cities to track snowplows and show cleaned streets to residents or is used by municipal police to prove that their vehicles weren’t speeding.


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