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Assassin Hero: Infinity Blade

About Assassin Hero: Infinity Blade
Join the assassin broterhood as hunter ninja and fight against evil. Follow familiar locations like Origin of acient Egypt, Middle age Cities, Hills of Valhalla or Feudal Orient. Meet traditional enemies such as templars, pirates, murderers and mythical monsters. Prepare for epic and deadly bosses in your dungeon hunt. Assassin Hero is a archero roguelike action game that will test your hit and run assassin skills. Survive waves of enemies, join the brotherhood of assassins in valhalla and became the legend!

Carefully choose the weapons from your armoury - Do you prefare Bows with arrows like Longbow or Crossbow? Or are you fan of throwing Boomerang, Daggers or Shurikens? For hardcore players there is the option of Javelin, Spear and Axes. Put on your armor set, each resistant to a different element - Fire, Frost, Poison and Lightning. A set of all items gives you better protection and more epic stats. In each location you decide your strategy using special skills that will help you to survive longer - Dodge, Piercing attack, Doubble projectile and many others. Now you are prepare for battle!

Be the stealth master, train your silent assasin skill and strike from the shadows with your bow and arrows. Shoot different bullets in bloody missions, also combine skills of assassin, archer, action agent and mage too but only a true warrior of the faith can use those skills to stay alive. Choose your own unique path to define your assassin identity, follow your creed and never give up!

Assassin Hero Features:
• Fast paced roguelike action RPG shooter
• Unlock talents to improve your archery skills
• Multiple locations full of challenging enemies and bosses
• "Hit and run game" - move and shoot automatically while standing still
• Countless skills, equipment and upgrades
• Collect item sets to increase your asasin stats
• Use strategy and speed to eliminate enemies

Dive deep into the unique locations and time periods filled with temples, tombs, markets and more. Protect the integrity of ancient Greek from odyssey of darkness, get rid of monsters of valhalla in territories of the deep north and fight for the freedom of the people competing with ancient Egyptian gods. Descend into the underground and complete your mission of salvation against evil.

Start now and became Assassin Hero!

Created by Noxgames 2021 - 2022
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 2.0.1
  • New features:
    - New powerful weapons and slot with gloves
    - Added set items with new abilities
    - Elemental damage and resistances on rare items
    - Revised enchant and crafting system
    - Addition of more challenging enemies with new elemental resistance
    - More advantageous special offers
    - Clean up the user interface

    Bug fixes:
    - Fix players being kicked out of the game
    - Fix game freezing/non-responsiveness
    - Game loading issues
    - Problem with monsters getting hit in Deadly mode
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