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Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG

About Wild West Hero: Cowboy RPG
Survive the challenges of the Wild West adventure world and become a hero! Stay on the right side of the frontier of justice - frontier of law - and be the living legend. Or are you a rogue with passion for robbery and crime? Assassin is your second name? Choose to be lawmen or outlaw. Kill-or-be-killed! There is no other option - become the last survival in westland. Discover the mystery of old west - shoot waves of enemies and level up thanks to unlimited upgrades which helps you survive! Watch your back - enemies are living dead! Search for more powerfull guns, pistols, revolvers and rifles - this is the way how to survive in this shooting game.

Accept challenges and get rewards for killing enemies as roguelike shooter. This is hunt for gold, more enemies you kill, more money you get. Duel the big boss, duel old school outlaws. Can you hear it? It is call for justice! The West is getting wilder. Grab all guns and fight legendary monsters. Bring the justice back to town where cowboys, cowgirls and settlers live in peace on a trail to Oregon in America.

Can you defeat all enemeies, dungeon bosses, heroes and mighty creatures? If so, claim bounties! Wild West Hero is perfect match for all players of roguelike games. Your guns leads you to glory. The western adventure starts here and now!

🔥 Embark on the most dangerous quests.
🔥 Upgrade your gunfighter and become stronger.
🔥 Effortless tap-to-move control.
🔥 Fast-paced combat with special effects.
🔥 Collect mighty power-ups.
🔥 Be a gunslinger.
🔥 Free all the worlds from dangerous enemies and become their hero.
🔥 Heroic mode.

Experience the Old West! Lead your Wild West Hero through the worlds infested with dangerous creatures and enemies. Collect equipment and upgrades on the way and become more powerful to face the mighty bosses and survive.

Sounds too easy for you? No worries, there is also a hard mode, where you will need all the skills and experience you've learnt throughout the game to even stand a chance.

🤠Wild West Hero:
👉 Roguelike archer shooting RPG
👉 Fight and Run action
👉 Western hero adventure
👉 Pistols, guns, upgrades, equipment and skills
👉 Various creatures and bosses

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Recent Updates - Version 1.6.0
  • - Run and Gun in the new Wild West game
    - Become the best gunslinger of westworld
    - Show your skills in Heroic mode
    - Embark on an adventure throught many worlds
    - Rise your guns to glory!
    - Become the Cowboy hero of Wild West
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