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Learning to tell Time

About Learning to tell Time
"Learning to Tell Time" is an engaging educational app designed for children ages 5-9. Included are seven easy to use lessons for young learners with movable hands on the clocks. Each lesson contains a brief description of what is being taught, practice, games, and tests.

Children will learn the basics of telling time on both digital and analog clocks using the following target vocabulary: hours, minutes, seconds, quarter hours, and half hours all in a variety of ways including a.m., p.m., in the morning/afternoon/evening and at night.

First two lessons are free. Unlock the rest at a low cost.

The lessons focus on:
- What is being taught
- Practice
- Games
- Tests

The home screen of the app shows the different lessons and has settings to be able to change the clock’s appearance and more.

Once a lesson is chosen, instructions will be provided. Children can use their fingers on the touchscreen in order to set the clock to the correct time. Once they have achieved this, they can click the ‘continue’ button to see if they are correct.

Gold stars show that children have made correct attempts at telling the time, while red stars show that there are mistakes. An audio function also helps to reinforce the vocabulary as well is the lesson in itself.

Finally, a test is given at the end of every lesson as a way of summarizing the skills. Once a child has been able to take the test and pass it, they have mastered those skills for learning to tell time and can move on to the next lesson.

Children will soon be able to tell time on any clock, which can be a life skill that can be used for the rest of their lives!
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.15
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