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About Podtastic!
If Ryan Reynolds was going to invest in just one podcast app, Podtastic! would be it.

Seriously, we sent him an email and asked him not to respond if he would choose Podtastic!, and so far… nothing!

Podtastic! collects the most fantastic podcasts and presents them for you in our free podcast app. Why did we call it Podtastic!? Because we were threatened to be sued if we called it Poddery Barn.

Here’s the truth, we’ve had WAYYYYY too much caffeine and had to share our passion for podcasts with the world.

Podtastic! is how we deliver hundreds of thousands of amazing podcasts and several truly awful podcasts, all in an easy to use, completely, free podcast app.

Over 350,000 podcasts already, and adding more and more every day. That’s like if EVERYONE in Wichita had a podcast and if for some reason more people kept moving to Wichita! But don’t worry, we make it super easy to find a podcast you’ll love and you won’t have to go to Wichita. Either an old favorite or a new discover, Podtastic makes it easy to search or browse through our podcast collection for topic and hosts that interest you.

The same way we ask “How did people eat bread before it was sliced?” “What shoes did people wear before crocs?” You’ll be asking “How did people listen to podcasts before PODTASTIC!?”

How easy to use? We tested our app on Grandparents and the feedback was INCREDIBLE!

Dorothy from Scottsdale exclaimed “What is this?”

Eleanor from Key West raves “Who’s talking? I hear someone talking”

Free to download. Free to Use. No in app purchases or subscriptions to use. Free, because we don’t want anything separating you from the best audio storytelling on the planet.

Podcasts spanning any interest you have. From raising kids. Training puppies. Unsolved Crimes. To Dental Hacks for if you want to replace your own crown at home. Yay!

Not just a big catalog but also the functionality to make listening as delightful as a tickle fight with a feather duster:

- Stream: play episodes on the fly and avoid conversations with strangers in public

- Offline: download episodes to your device and listen without an internet connection like if you were stranded on a mountain… or at your Uncle Dale’s house who doesn’t have the internet because he believes the government is spying on him

- Progress memory: we will remember where you left off so you can pick right back up again when you come back. So you can use your memory for important things like anniversaries, and the lyrics to Mambo #5.

- Follow: follow and collect your favorite podcasts for easy shortcuts to finding them again and notifications when new episodes drop

- Auto download: automatically download episodes for offline playback

- Playback ordering: you can choose if you want to listen from first to last of most recently published first

- Variable speed: change the play speed from anywhere between 0.5 to 2x. It’s a real trip without the dangers of illegal drugs. Don’t do the drugs kids.
Recent Updates - Version 1.4.0
  • Now easier than ever to continue listening to your favorites podcasts, the last episode you were listening to is now pinned to the top of the podcast's page!
Install On Your Mobile Device:
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Install On Windows PC Or Mac:
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How To Download & Play:
1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download Podtastic! APK
3. Launch from APK Library