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DittoDex - TCG Card Tracker

About DittoDex - TCG Card Tracker
Entire database of English cards, over 16,000!
Tracking of variant cards such as reverse holos and first editions is supported! Card database and collection features are even available offline.

Instant search, sort and filter
Searching is FAST! Use the instant search along with powerful sort and filter options to find and organize your cards.

Custom lists
Manage your Pkmn card collection how YOU want. Make a list for your favorites, super rares, for trade, a battle deck... anything goes!

Track card values
Values are updated at least hourly straight from the source, TCGPlayer! We also give you the direct links to the best deals for each card on eBay and TCGPlayer.

Find and follow your friends
Share your collection link with your friends! You can see their collections and they can see yours, right in the app! Follow them to get updates when they add rare cards! If you wish to make your lists private you can enable this in list settings.

Bulk add your cards
Have a large collection? Don't worry! You can use the bulk adding to add entire sets in just a few taps!

PTCGO Code Scanner
Use your camera to quickly and easily scan PTCGO codes. Save, share, or redeem them online to get virtual cards!

Cloud sync and dark mode
Even if you switch phones, your data is safe. Available on iOS, too!

100% FREE and ad-free, forever!
All features are available to you for FREE! We put NOTHING behind a paywall and we show you ZERO banner ads!

DittoDex is a brand new card dex app and we will be adding many more cool features to support the Pkmn trading card game community! Please feel free to shoot me an email with comments, suggestions, missing cards, or feature requests. Thanks for your support!

Disclaimer: DittoDex is an unofficial free app and is NOT affiliated, endorsed, or supported by The Pokémon Company, GAME FREAK, or Nintendo in any way.
Recent Updates - Version 1.96
  • Fixed image uploading for Android 13
    Tap card photos to maximize, or pinch to zoom
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