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Missile Dude RPG 2 : Space AFK

About Missile Dude RPG 2 : Space AFK
The missile idle RPG is back as a space idle AFK training game!

Now it''s time for revenge!
Let's drive out the enemies that have invaded Earth and conquer the space!
It ain’t easy to conquer the space. Be ready for the war.

- Convenient planetary battles that progress automatically and endlessly! It’s the Idle RPG AFK game
- Defeat powerful alien beasts and take over the planet to dominate the space.
- You can collect valuable resources by capturing planets. Let’s take over whole galaxy!
- Occupy various planets in the galaxy and become the best conqueror!

- Become a space pirate and attack other user's planets.
- Get back at the enemies who looted your planet.
- Become a notorious looter in the galaxy!

- Various costumes such as skin, hair, and clothes
- Colorful design using various memes
- Create thousands of looks with hundreds of costumes!
- Be the best dresser in the space!

- Equip more than 5 types of launchers and more than 30 types of missiles.
- Have fun defeating monsters with bazooka and missiles to acquire resources.
- Use the acquired resources to develop your character in various ways!

- Cultivate 25 types of marine of 5 types to help you in battle.
- Evolve into more powerful marine through promotion.
- Become the strongest in the space with up to 10 marine!

It’s time to play the best Idle RPG AFK game! Missile dude RPG 2 will give you a lot of joy. Are you idle? Don’t worry if you are idle to play the game. It is AFK game that you can enjoy the game with less control. AFK! Missiles will destroy all the enemies automatically!

Missile dude RPG 2 is in your area!
Recent Updates - Version 1.17.0
  • - Added Gallery Content
    - Daily Gift → Hourly Gift
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