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iGradr2 PRO Grade Calculator

About iGradr2 PRO Grade Calculator
iGradr™ 2 PRO Teacher Pocket Grader from Studios.
The sequel to the most popular teacher calculator for Android™.

Great for grading papers K-12 and beyond, with the iGradr™ 2 PRO you have full control of your grading scale.

1. Enter the number of questions you wish to evaluate.
2. Press 'calculate'. That's it =)

If you need to create a custom grading scale, click on the gear/settings icon and enter your custom grading scale and click the SAVE button on the bottom.

Some call it the igrader but we prefer just the iGradr™2 PRO Grading Calculator, a free resource from Studios.
The iGradr™2 PRO is a simple and quick grading calculator similar to card board slide-rule style graders that teachers are familiar with, but the iGradr2 PRO also provides a quick and convenient way to have that same information on your mobile phone.
Recent Updates - Version 3
  • 20150410: Bug Fixes
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