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Truck simulator 3D 2014

About Truck simulator 3D 2014
Travel across mighty highways as you become the proud owner of different american trucks, deliver important cargo and transport it across impressive distances. With three cool 3D cities to explore, this will be a essential truck simulator 3D game for your collection. Test your skills, endurance and make sure you deliver with speed. Truck simulator 3D 2014 sets a new standard for the truck simulation genre on mobile devices.

Driving around in a virtual 3D trucker world, while checking the environment is surprisingly enjoyable and of course a super relaxing experience. Manoeuvring these huge vehicles is not easy especially when you are driving with a hurry. Make sure you deliver those valuable goods in the best condition. Truck simulator 3D 2014 is primarily for lovers of realistic truck driving games. If you want to travel the roads and you like to drive around in truck driving games. Then get behind the wheel of your cargo transporter today, your missions consist out of making deliveries from one industrial area to the big city. As you are earning money you’ll be able to visit the truck garage, and choose to buy trucks that are newer, more powerful, faster and more.

Controls of this newest truck simulator 3D game are relatively simple, and the in game tutorial instructions will tell you everything you need to get on the road. There are different camera angles, very useful when you are hooking up your trailer to the truck. And it will also keep things interesting on the long runs. Truck simulator 3D 2014 has great driving physics, cool trucks everything you as a big haulage fan will be looking for.

Truck simulator 3D 2014 - 3D truck game features:
- Realistic 3D truck game simulator environments
- 30 different cargo types to deliver at distribution centres, industrial area’s, farms and ranches
- Watch out for traffic violations, don’t crash into crash or cause accidents
- Level system, the better you are the bigger the earnings
- Realistic damage, don’t fall asleep behind the wheel take some rest now and then
truck game customization of the nicest american trucks
- This 3D truck simulator game offers you three realistic american trucks to begin with newer trucks will be added later on
- Different trailers for different kind of cargo’s, new trucks and trailers will be added on later.
- Hours of truck game gameplay, travelling massive roads will take tim

Finding jobs is not the hard part in this newest truck simulator 3D game but driving the big truck can be very challenging see if you can start earning some money. Try the best truck driver game on mobile in the world and become the trucker king of the road.

Travel across the roads as you become the king of the roads,
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Recent Updates - Version 1.5
  • - Fixed sleep bug
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