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Dawn Uprising: Battle Ship Def

About Dawn Uprising: Battle Ship Def
Battle Royale ain’t seen nothing yet!
The Battle Grid is yours in this post World War 2 era. Different enemy battleships are trying to get one of the last Headquarters of the allied forces. It’s your job, as the Battle Ship Commander, to hold of those forces and build up your forces and defenses!

Strategy mixed with full scale Warships.
You’d think this would be easy. Build some turrets to the left, some rocket launchers to the right and your headquarters will be safe. To bad for your that this isn’t the case in Dawn Uprising : Battle Ship Defense. You will be defending the HQ against different types of Warships. There are those who are quite fast, and those who are big, strong and slow. Implement different kinds of strategies and you’ll be the victor, no doubt!

Epic Game Features:
🚢 30+ of Battleship Defense missions!
🚢 A new way to play Tower Defense games!
🚢 Buy ships, turrets and upgrades!
🚢 Survive the rampaging opposing force and build up your Empire.
Recent Updates - Version 1.54
  • - Placement bug fix
    - Added a new feature: Daily Missions
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