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USA 3D Truck Simulator 2016

About USA 3D Truck Simulator 2016
USA 3D Truck Simulator 2016 The newest Trucking empire experience!
USA 3D Truck Simulator 2016 isn’t a traditional foot to the floor 3D driving game! Unlike most 3D driving games, this 3D Truck simulation game does not put you in high speed racing wheel to wheel action with rival racers. Instead you must carefully navigate your way through a semi realistic version of the United States of America! Picking up and delivering cargo with the different types of trucks you can own in USA 3D Truck Simulator 2016 . Feel compelled to drive at maximum big-rig speeds and bend a few rules here and there. So you ensure that your payloads cargo truck arrives at a timely fashion. So are you up for some hard core trucking truck driver? Then pick up your device and install the game right away.

If you have an affinity for trucking USA 3D Truck Simulator 2016 is the game for you!
If you manage to make your delivery you’ll use the resulting paycheck to increase your bank account. Effect necessary to do repairs, full up your gas tank, and improve your trucks. With better trucks you’ll be offered more profitable cargo trucking jobs. With more profitable cargo trucking jobs. You’ll gradually improve and upgrade your big rig american trucks, or you can use the hard earned 3D truck simulator money to buy some new rigs. With any luck you grow your own little company to big proportions. These beasts don’t drive themselves! Back up to loading docks, manage your fuel, and maintain your trucks in peak condition

USA 3D Truck Simulator 2016 : 3D truck simulator game features

★ Maintain your trucks
★ Earn money with hard trucking
★ Epic fun gameplay
★ Easy to play
★ Loads of different USA truck simulator trucks

★ Give a good rating if you enjoy this game!
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Recent Updates - Version 1.0.7
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