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American Army Bridge Builder

About American Army Bridge Builder
Enough with army truck and truck trailer games? Now jump in to the new concept and build a temporary bridge in American Army Bridge Builder. You are a crew member of your battalion and have to lead your cargo to other side of the river. As a construction team member you have to construct bridge over a running river for military purposes. Once all the soldiers crossed the water body safely, this can be revamped easily. You can call this a floating bridge. As a player in this game, you will feel yourself like a soldier. These drills have been a regular part during your training days but now you have to actually do this for a specific operational purposes.
Because of this new game concept, this will be the best simulation game for you in 2016. This is a combo of multiple things, you have to drive an army truck first to reach at specific location, then you have to load and unload the material. After that, you have to use this material for construction of a bridge. Building such thing in short time is not an easy task to do, rather you have to be very quick and alert. Enemy is behind you and you have to cross this river as soon as possible. So this would be a real challenging mission for a player. Your interest of driving 4x4 vehicle will also be fulfilled. This is also like an army truck transport game
A specific time frame will be given to the player to complete his tasks. If you fail to do so, your level will not be completed and you have to play this gain. Driving in offroad environment will add taste into this sim.

Key Features of American Army Bridge Builder:
• Beautiful off-road environment
• Easy and smooth controls of truck and 4x4 vehicles
• Realistic sounds and HD graphics
• Challenging army bridge building tasks
• Realistic physics engine

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Recent Updates - Version 1.0.2
  • - Minor bug fixing
    - Added more intersting levels
    - Improved vehicle physics
    - Better user experience
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