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MathsDojo-mental arithmetic ma

About MathsDojo-mental arithmetic ma
A fun educational game that improves elementary math skills including addition & subtraction, multiplication and division.
With daily practice in Math Dojo, you can boost your logical thinking and arithmetic while enjoying an anime style game with RPG action 🎌.

TOP Features:
★ It's a totally FREE app 🌟🌟🆓🈚
★ It has no hidden costs (no ads and in-app purchase) 🌟
★ Test your math skills ➕➖✖️➗
★ Easy to start math exercises
★ Improve mind training 🧠
★ Power up your logical thinking 🧠
★ Easy way to learn multiplication tables 🌟
★ Enhance multiplication and division 🌟
★ Brush Up your elementary math 🌟

Improve your mental maths and logical thinking with the revolutionary Maths Dojo karate math game. Defeat enemies by answering sums, work your way up to master blackbelt 🥋and save the villagers.

Run, unlock, defend and attack 👊by completing quick math exercises to become a master in mental arithmetic 🏆. Rebuild and train in dojos to upgrade your powers 🎖️, eat healthy food to get energy for your runs and use magic along the way.

The game automatically adapts its difficulty level to the appropriate level making this the perfect mind training by math exercises for everyone!

The story:

Evil Emperor and his soldiers burned your village. You’ll need to go on a range of missions to fight the Emperor’s soldiers and collect materials to repair the local training dojos, working your way from starter to blackbelt, improving your maths skills as you go.

The gameplay:

At the start of each level you are given three objectives to complete. Enter the battle arena to fight the evil enemies that stand in your way by quickly answering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions.

In the battle mode there are five rows of questions to answer, with each correct answer performing an action or giving a reward:

* Punch enemy 👊
* Kick enemy 👞
* Key to open chests 🗝️
* Block enemy attack 🛡️
* Stone and Wood to rebuild dojos 💎

After each run you complete in the battle arena you can use the stone and wood you have earned to upgrade the four village dojos, and use your gold to upgrade your fighting and magic skills in the dojos. 🛕

With Maths Dojo you WILL become better at mental maths and multiplication tables. Playing this will soon help you to calculate ever-more-complex sums in your head in a split second. I have tried and tested this innovative mind training approach to improving mental arithmetic myself and my family and on my friends and colleagues all with very impressive speed improvements in performing mental math.

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Recent Updates - Version 2.0.64
  • Improvements all around. Where do we begin....

    Introducing the new AI system for dynamic difficulty management.

    Also, please say hello to all new and awesome leaderboard feature! You can see your ranking in your area based on distance. This is a super cool feature which we are very proud of.
    And as before, Maths Dojo remains a totally free product (and no-ads) for everyone to enjoy.
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