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Next Exit - Dungeon Escape

About Next Exit - Dungeon Escape
[How to play]
A game where you have to escape with a simple operation that starts from the entrance to the exit.
Escape faster than anyone, avoiding many traps in more than 100 stages!

Next Exit - 'Dungeon Escape' is a game that you can play with simple move and jump.

Kepler 22B planet's a 'sausage tribe' mister loves watching the planet's popular TV program "The mysterious exploration world of the earth".
The 'sausage mister' was kidnapped and detained by cruel people while he visited the earth during his long-awaited summer vacation.

We have to help 'sausage mister' who was kidnapped to alien races research base to escape through all stages safely and go back to his family in the Kepler 22B planet.

The sausage mister has the power to move left and right,
super double under jump and a special power to return to the first starting point (entrance) by turning back time before dying.
Only the sausage tribe can have the special power.
Please help the sausage mister to go back home safely!

[Game Features]
1. Play the game with simple operation
2. Stages to stimulate the desire for challenges
3. It's free!
4. Moderate AD exposures!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.1
  • 1.0.1:15
    - bug fixs
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