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About Bees-sappers
You are the commander sapper team. Your task is to clear mines from minefields.

In Croatia, the inventive scientists learned how to use insect world for their own purposes.
They have long been fed the bees sugar with the smell of explosives and taught small bees look this stuff even at a depth of three meters. Such services may not assign any sapper.
Of course, researchers are not immediately able to accustom to this kind of insect food, but through various tests and experiments they still managed it.

You appointed a unit commander of special purpose, it is important to neutralize the strategic areas.

Our technology + your skill set = many saved lives

Together with your team you need to identify and specify the placement mines in a certain area.
You is the responsible commander who must first think.
The field was divided into parts. Each part needs to be attention. In a study a part of the field, click to open - it will automatically be numbered. Corresponding to the total number of mines located in the adjacent areas. If your calculations in the proposed field contains a mine - a part of the field should mark the flag. In case of the opening of a mine field - bee will dies. Important to you in the quest to save all your bees. If you lose all the fighters - game will be over.
Recent Updates - Version 1.5
  • Игровое поле удобного размера и его можно передвигать.
    Сохранение настроек поля моментальное.
    Добавлены звуки.
    Улучшена таблица рейтингов.
    Учтены все пожелания и замечания.
    Изменены разрешения на устройства.
    Устранён критический сбой при запуске.
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