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More or less on a board

About More or less on a board
Trains your brain quickly count, analize and compare numbers

Last time we less and less count or calculate simple maths in the mind. We get used to convenience of technologies, so that we cannot count without a calculator.There are so many calculators around: on your desk, in your computer, phone and tablet, even in your TV.
So if you cannot exclude favorite gadgets from your life, I propose an other solution: use applications, that help us not to forget your simple skills and train them.
One of my solutions is creating logical and mathemathical game, that you can observe now. It helps you in training and improve your count skills, so you can easier count in the mind rather than press buttons on your gadget.
Recent Updates - Version 1.1
  • Поправлено проблему выпадания приложения при установленном режиме в устройстве - только portrait
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