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Dinosaur Simulator (18+): eXtr

About Dinosaur Simulator (18+): eXtr
You have NEVER played a dinosaur simulator game in 2018 like this! If you are a big fan of dino simulation games, then you will absolutely love what we have created. Not only do you get to explore a realistic 3D landscape as one of three different dinosaur characters (Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, & Tyrannosaurus Rex), but while you are exploring and causing mayhem with the locals, you can also unlock a variety of cRaZy power-ups and hidden modes. Here is just an example of some things you can unlock:

1. Jet pack - Can a dinosaur fly? YES! Find a jet pack power up and watch your dino fly around this crazy world!
2. Laser - Pick up a laser beam and ZAP the locals into oblivion.
3. Tornado - You've seen those shark movies with tornadoes right? Now you can ride one as a dinosaur! Its dinonado time! :)
4. Space Dino - Yes! There is a secret powerup where you get to terrorize the ISS space station! It's out of this world!! Try to find it!

Those are just a few of the fun power-ups you will find. Here are a few other fun things you will be able to do with this simulation game.

1. Ride a jet ski! Yes, you can steal a jet ski and go for a ride! No place in the world will you see a dinosaur riding a jet ski! :)
2. Fight a goat! That's right in this free game, you will get to go head on with a goat and find out who is stronger!
3. Trampoline time! Find out how high you can jump on a trampoline!
4. Slides! You are going to love sliding down huge slides with your dino.
5. Underwater! Yes, you can swim underwater and try to find all the lost treasure!
6. Much much more! Too numerous to list.

Here are a few other features in this 2018 dinosaur simulator game.

1. The Velociraptor dino is unlocked for free! The Spinosaurus, & Tyrannosaurus Rex! (T-Rex) can be unlocked for free by watching a quick video.
2. The 'Everyone' is unlocked. 18+ (blood and guts version) and Fun mode can be unlocked by watching a quick video.
3. Super 3D graphics with a realistic world to explore! This makes this animal simulator game a one-of-a-kind!

If you are a big fan of the world of simulation games, then you will absolutely love this free SIM game! What are you waiting for?!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.7
  • - Performance improvement.
    - Bug fixes.
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