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About Nutrition90
Nutrition90 is a helpful companion application for anyone undertaking a 90-day extreme fitness program.

Keep track of your nutritional intake based on the current phase of the program, as well as your current nutrition level.

Also functions as a journal, letting you keep notes for each day of the program along with photos, to give you a visual log of just how well the program is working!

The handy history calendar lets you go back to any day and review your nutritional intake, as well as edit those days. You can fill in days you missed, or get caught up if you're already in the program. And with the push of a button, you can email yourself a complete log of your progress at any time!

The developers of Nutrition90 are in no way affiliated with Beachbody or Product Partners, LLC, creators of P90X® and other extreme fitness programs.
Recent Updates - Version 1.8
  • New Features:
    Portion lists are back, now fully customizable!
    Estimated calories are now shown in Portions and Email Log

    Crash when accessing preferences for days other than the current day

    Cleaned up the camera code to prevent crashes
    Cleaned up database code to improve stability
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